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Zero Tenacity

Zero Tenacity is a Serbian esport organization created back in 2017 by Dimitrije “Hebihime” Malesevic. We started this project as an idea of an infrastructure to provide local young talent with hope of making it in the semi-pro/amateur local scene in esports. That’s where our moto came from: “From Zero to Hero”. From young talented individuals to soon to be esport super stars. We started our path in the League of legends competitive scene, focused on qualifying to the local ERL, EBL (Esport Balkan League). After qualifying in our debute season 7 EBL, we managed to finish 5th in the league. The following split two seasons, season 8 and 9, firstly we managed to finish top 2 and later become champions by securing 1st place versus Red Star in the playoff, which led us to the group stage of EU Masters, which is currently the organizations peak achievment-wise. The focus we have in our organization are the players, staff members, and technical crew. We focus on creating a healthy-non-toxic enviorment, while also enabling our members to strive and flourish, in a way to bring them closer to their goals, and ours. As we showed our competitive spirit in League of legends, we figured it’s time to expand. We have multiple projects comming up. But now, we are insanely hyped to announce ourselves entering the Rainbow 6 competitive scene. Also we are grateful for getting the opportunity to be a part of the Rainbow 6, Esports League Balkan Edition. Stay tuned and be prepared.


Žiga ``Ganty`` Gantar

IGL / Captain

2nd Entry

Entry 4
K-D 1,08
Gerry ``ColdCobra`` James-Palmer


Chris ``Vilentoni`` Tzanis


Entry 14
K-D 1,40
Leonardo ``LeO`` Tavčar



Entry 1
Plants 7
K-D 1,19
Gregor ``Sqeedy`` Korošec


Entry 20
K-D 1,29
Maks ``Josip`` Josipovič


Entry 3
Plants 3
K-D 0,93
Kostas ``Dexxy`` Fiolitakis


Entry 8
Plants 4
K-D 1,37